sumshapes livesumshapes is a noisy guitar trio from Glasgow started in 2013. Ali Begbie, Richie Dempsey and Jer Reid used to play together in dawson way back when. We have played in the Netherlands, France, Scotland and England with bands like The Ex, Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp, Sacred Paws, Jill Lorean, Blurt and The Great Leap Forward.

In December 2017 sumshapes expanded played in Glasgow with a great crew of people joining us. Wilf Plum, Stevie Jones, Rafe Fitzpatrick, Sinead Young, Angela Paton, Solène Weinachter and Raymond MacDonald.

We just have one set of recordings so far. An LP called Cabin Biscuits released on Gruff Wit Records in 2017 and also available on Bandcamp.

Cabin Biscuits has just been released and it is absolutely brilliant, a dynamic and frenetic record, which is combative, yet playful. Itchy Eye has the bounce and crunch of mid-era Sonic Youth, circa Daydream Nation; and Mesh Tabbard is a jerky song which is as mad as a box of frogs with its teasing, stop-start percussion. Literally In The Lap Of The Gods is a funkier, looser tune- and is there a better title this side of Mogwai than Normal As Fuck? More reasons for me to fan-girl over ’em. You will too. – Lorna Irvine/ Tempo House


What I like most about this batch of choons, is that I can still recognize the dissonant, angular shards from Dawson, evolved into an utterly exquisite, updated identity stamp, which could only truly be realized by the 3 of youse. Am proud to have witnessed this day. – Scott Lynch on Facebook.


sumshapes gig posterSumshapes poster for Glad CafeSumshapes Expanded poster