sound engineering, design, dramaturgy

Jer has been a live sound engineer for over twenty-five years. Working in Glasgow, Brighton and touring all over Europe. Recently he’s done more studio work recording and mixing great people like Burd Ellen and Lisa Fannen. In the last couple of years he’s loved mastering. He’s done work for people like Current Affairs, The Primevals, Lavander Hex and Mhenwhar Huws.

He has also worked as a sound designer for dance. Credits include work for Ultimate Dancer/ Louise Ahl, Rosalind Masson and Paul Michael Henry.

Following on from his work with Collective Endeavours he also adores working as an outside eye/ dramaturge for dance. His credits include work for Solène Weinachter, again for Rosalind Masson and as co-choreographer and dramaturge on various film projects of Corin Sworn’s. He also worked as outside eye on Brian Hartley’s Signs of Direction project.