Current Projects
Sumshapes at The Old Hairdresser's, Glasgow Sumshapes – more information about Sumshapes will be forthcoming henceforth
Claquer Claquer – Improvised music and words duo with Lisa Fannen
Bravest Boat Bravest Boat – a collective based in Glasgow and Bradford exploring structured improvisations, loose composition and prepared spontaneity. Some written bits, some not.

Drawn to Water
Raymond MacDonald + Jer Reid
Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra
Bravest Boat
Long Players with Luke Sutherland
solo work

Past Projects – A Selection

Sycamore + friends
Eight Thumbs


Words, harmonium, singing, acoustic guitar, messing with. The thisquietarmy, AUN gig at the 13th Note.


Jer Reid – Harmonium, words, voice, processing. Dougal Marwick – old and new Synths, processing. We are improvising. We played first before Alasdair Roberts and then Ireneland. Apologies for my mispronouncing of ‘chimera’ – many times! I was ringing a bell off mic which isn’t on this (desk) recording.


From my first CD of acoustic songs. Called First Songs! From 2010.


For Indepen-dance/ Lena Schillebeck featuring Rafe Fitzpatrick on violin.


From Wounded Knee’s bandcamp:

A live recording inside Hamilton mausoleum, which has reputedly the longest echo of any building in the world. It used to be even longer before the original bronze doors had to be replaced.

After our guided tour we were granted a few minutes recording time. There was no fixed plan other than my friend Colm had requested I sing “Canary” for his birthday.

The recording is a single take with a wee edit at the end to remove some handling noise when I moved the recorder.

Singers: Drew Wright, Howie Reeve & Jer Reid Recorded in March 2011 with thanks to Hamilton Mausoleum