sumshapes is a noisy guitar trio from Glasgow. Ali Begbie, Richie Dempsey and Jer Reid used to play together in dawson way back when.

Painted X-Ray is music made of skins and strings: taiko (Japanese drums, Alison Roe), guitar (Jer Reid), bass (Ali Begbie) and violin (Rafe Fitzpatrick). A band with taiko at its heart.

Jer has been a member of the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra since 2014. Since 2018 he has run the GIOdynamics open sessions for GIO. Now twice a month. Once online and once in person at The Glad Cafe. These sessions are open to everyone. However much experience you have.

Claquer is an improvised music and words duo with Lisa Fannen. "Brilliant: crystal clear language, both in voice and music, politically involved and humanly resonant. Touched." On Bandcamp.

Raymond Macdonald & Jer Reid met playing in the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra. So far they’ve toured, organised a couple of festivals at The Glad Cafe and released a CD, Near and Far. And Ben Owens made this great film: Calling Names.

Raymond MacDonald, Jer Reid, Jamie Wardrop – Sax, guitar, projections trio. Jer and Raymond invited the mighty Jamie Wardrop to come and play with visuals and we made this film together at The Glad Cafe.

Jer is so chuffed to join Burd Ellen in their Says The Never Beyond band, with Debbie Armour, Gayle Brogan and the other guest Rachel Newton.

Yng Ngheredigion is Rafe Fitpatrick’s exploration of landscape and place through music, film, stories and experience. A continuously evolving work featuring Angharad Davies, Debbie Armour, Jer Reid, Michael Truswell, Rafe Fitzpatrick, Sharron Kraus & Stevie Jones.

Jer has done various things solo. He has improvised guitar, improvised voice and harmonium, played songs on the acoustic guitar. He toured in Belgium and Netherlands with RM Hubbard in 2010 and made the First Songs CD. Here’s a much more recent track for his studio fundraiser in 2021.

Bravest Boat – a collective based in Glasgow and Bradford exploring structured improvisations, loose composition and prepared spontaneity. Some written bits, some not.

Drawn to Water is Stu Brown (drums), Una McGlone (bass), Raymond MacDonald (saxophones) and Jer Reid (guitar) who play together in many different configurations but came together via the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra. Their first release was in 2017 on Gruff Wit Records and Lickety-Splat


Sycamore and friends – Sycamore was Jer Reid, Stevie Jones and Shane Connolly. The ‘friends’ are Nerea Bello, Sarah Kenchington, Daniel Padden, Georgie McGeown, Aby Vulliamy and Bill Wells. Stevie Jones turned our original 3 piece recordings into something much more


Here's an overview of the other music projects Jer has instigated or been involved with not already mentioned above. Most are in the past but some are still active (photo is of Burghead Expanded).


Photo credits: Painted X-Ray; Raymond MacDonald and Jer Reid; Raymond MacDonald, Jer Reid, Jamie Wardrop; Drawn to Water; Burghead Expanded all by Brian Hartley / Still Motion; Claquer by Susana Martins; Burd Ellen by Jim McEwan; Yng Ngheredigion by Harrison Reid; Solo by Jer Reid