Dance Residency at The Work Room, Tramway – Nov, Dec 2016

Dance Residency at The Work Room, Tramway, Glasgow

Week 1  28th November – 3rd December
with Penny Chivas

As part of  Jer Reid’s residency he will continue exploring the place of direct political, and philosophical ideas within improvised sound/ music/ dance/ movement.

Past work on this has included working on ‘Around Titles’ with Solène Weinachter. In this residency he will continue working with Penny Chivas as they work on the dynamics that arise from direct ideas and (initially) non poetic language in improvising.

The spoken text will be taken from news articles and essays on a range of topics. The syntax of text will also be improvised with. Jer would really appreciate any conversation around these ideas and so will have a sharing at 6pm on Thursday 1st of December

Jer Reid & Solène Weinachter at Tramway

Week 2  11th – 17th December
with Collective Endeavours music/dance group with Solène Weinachter, Joan Clevillé, Nerea Gurrutxagga, Alex South, Luke Sutherland