Jer Reid is a freelance musician, sound engineer and dramaturge from Glasgow. He still lives there. Initially guitar playing wouldn’t have kept his interest if he hadn’t had Ali Begbie to make sounds with when he was a teenager.

Since then he has played in bands; improvised a lot; worked with dance as a musician, sound designer and dramaturge; composed for film; improvised and composed with poets; played music or done sound in about 30 countries; facilitated improvising workshops and sessions; improvised with kids and young adults with support needs; given performance lectures at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland; booked tours; promoted gigs; released records and had his music played on Radio 1, 3, 4 and 6. 2022 will see him release his first book of writing.


Front page photo credits:
Music by Colin Greig; music and dance, sound engineering, news and gigs by Brian Hartley / Still Motion ; writing by Jer Reid